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4 Layer Muslin Blanket Cycle 120*120cm



Our 4 layered muslin blanket made of 100% Organic Cotton with closed thread count to give extra softness for your baby's skin. These blankets are different from other blankets as it is given 4 layers of pure muslin cotton and it is pre-washed to ensure safe, natural, breathable feel like a moms touch. Also these blankets are Anti-bacterial and has insulating properties. Our product has been made of mild prints and adorable patterns for you to select with. These blankets can be used for multiple purpose and has great durability so that you can use for years to come.


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We ship worldwide. Express shipping for orders within India available.

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About Us

There are so many baby brands available all over the world but we believe Tod's hut is something unique from all of them. Tod's hut curated everything based on quality and have given the best input to bring out beautiful and trustworthy products for our little customers. We have mainly concentrated in muslin and bamboo fabric which is the softest material you would ever want for your baby. Tod's hut promises to maintain its quality and uniqueness and make you feel you are in safe hands.


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